The aim of the Nitra Self-Governing Region

Nitra self-governing region has mission defined in Article 4 of the 302/2001 Law on Self-Governing Regions: ‚the self-governing region provides for regional governance, multi-faced development of its territory, and takes care for needs of its citizens‘.

Basic characteristic of Nitra Self-Governing Region

The Nitra Self-governing Region (NSR) covers southwestern Slovakia. It is bordered to the west by Trnava Region, to the north by Trenčín Region, to the east by Banská Bystrica Region and to the south by the Republic of Hungary. Nitra Region and its metropolis – the ancient city of Nitra – have played a significant role over history in forming the Slovak national identity and Slovakia, its culture and education. The largest towns in the Nitra Self-governing region are Nitra, Nové Zámky, Komárno, Levice, Topoľčany a Šaľa.  Region is administratively divided into seven districts: Nitra District, Topoľčany District, Zlaté Moravce District, Šaľa District, Nové Zámky District and Komárno District. The names of the districts are the same as the names of their district cities.

Nitra Region has an area of 6 343 km², representing 12.9% of the area of the Slovak Republic. 350 municipalities are located within the Region, of which 15 have city charters. Approximately 48.5% of the population lives in the Region’s cities.

Topography and climate of Nitra Self-Administration Region

The Region’s relief topography predominately consists of plains and lowlands broken by mountainous areas. It is one of the warmest and agriculturally most productive centers in the Slovak Republic. The south and southeast side of the Považský Inovec and Tribeč ranges experience moderately warm temperatures and moderate humidity with mild winters, while higher elevations in these mountain ranges and the southeast part of the Štiavnica Mountains have a moderately warm, humid, highland climate. The Region, especially the area to the south, has a wealth of fresh water and thermal springs and several rivers flow through them, including the longest river in Slovakia, the Váh, as well as the Danube, Nitra, Hron, Ipeľ and Žitava.

Industry condition

The region belongs to the category of agriculturally – industrial regions. The machine engineering, chemical and food industry are the oldest and the most widespread industrial branches. The location of the other industry in the region has its specific character: Šaľa – the centre of the chemical production, Komárno – the centre of ship-building trade, Tlmače – the centre machine engineering , Štúrovo – the centre of the paper and pulp industry; Mochovce – the nuclear energy complex; Vráble – the first business park in Slovakia and another business park built in Nitra – North.

Touristic attractions

Nitra self-government region provides following touristic attractions: theatres, museums: galleries, observatory, natural and other attractions (Thermal waters and thermal swimming pools)